Linksys is an all-american company that develops and manufactures networking hardware company that mass-produces high-quality networking devices like routers, extenders for small businesses or home users and other devices to enhance the speed and connectivity in businesses and homes. The company  also develops other products like VoIP equipment, Ethernet switches, audio visual products and wireless internet video cameras.

A router is only best way to connect to the internet and a Linksys router is used to connect multiple computers to the internet simultaneously. The router can be connected via a wired or a wireless connection depending on your usage and/or preference. It is connected wirelessly using the network cards installed in the PCs and Laptops. Many ISPs (Internet Service Provider) prefer Linksys router these days to its users e.g. one of the most famous, Comcast and Time Warner Cable of United States use Linksys routers. A technician will be sent to the user or client if he wants to use the Linksys router and is facing trouble installing it. Alternatively, you can purchase the router from other sellers to access the Internet. You can buy these via online stores at a more discounted rates. The benefit of using Linksys router is that it allows the user to connect more than one computer onto the same system.

Other benefit of using the Linksys router is the extensive presence of its hardware and the ease by which the Linksys Router is installed. Just following the instructions given on the official website of Linksys which is linksyssmartwifi.com, you will be able to easily setup the Linksys router. If in case you face any problem in accessing the website, you can take help from our experts by visiting our website.

Need to upload the right firmware

When  we are installing any linksys product, We always need to check the  firmware update if there is any update we need to do that update first.

Linksys Smart WiFi

Linksys  Smart WiFi is the best tool provided by Linksys to its users.   Using the Linksys Smart WiFi users can easily control their home  network  from a remote location without any kind of hassles. The  Parental  Control Feature in Linksys Smart WiFi is the helping  thousands of  Linksys users so they can feel confident about the  content their family  members are accessing over World Wide  Wed.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account

In  simple words, Linksys Smart WiFi account is the best available tool   to access your home network from anywhere. This is possible all  because  of the advance technology provided by the Linksys to its  users.

What Kind of Devices can Work with Linksys

  • Linksys smart wifi feature can work with your smart devices.  Linksys  Smart WiFi for web supports the android, iOs abd iPad  devices and the Linksys Smart WiFi mobile app supports the iPad,  iOs and Android  technologies. The Linksys Smart WiFi app is  available to download from  the Google Play Store and that is  totally free of cost.
  • If you are also looking forward to use the advance feature of   Linksys WiFi, you are always welcomed to contact our team members.  Our  team is highly professional so they can solve any kind of  your query you  are looking for regarding Linksys Smart WiFi Setup.

Important instruction

What is the Procedure to Manage the Home Network with Linksys Smart WiFi Routers?

Linksys  Company always make sure to provide easy to manage and configure   routers to its users. As we all know that Linksys Smart WiFi  routers  come with lots of advance features at the same time the  configuration  for the Linksys Smart WiFi Setup is also very  simple.

Step 1

First  of all obviously you need to configure your home network with   using the Linksys Smart WiFi enabled routers. The router you use  will  broadcast the signals to all the devices connected to your  home network.

Step 2

Now,  you need to sign up for the Linksys Smart WiFi account. This   account will be used to authenticate yourself so you can manage  your  home network from a remote location also.

Some features of Linksys routers are

Dual band
Linksys Smart WiFi
Ethernet ports of 4 gigabit

It is compatible with almost all platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Setup for Linksys smart WiFi

There is a smart setup inbuilt feature in the Linksys router. By using this feature it is very easy to setup Linksys router. No matter router is connected to the internet or in its default state, this smart setup works. This smart utility works on every Linksys router

What you require before setting up the Linksys router

A web browser. It can be latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer version for Windows Operating System. And for Mac or iPad it should be Safari. You also require Latest Adobe Flash Player.

  • Ethernet cables ( 1 to 2)
  • A computer with Ethernet port or a wireless computer
  • Linksys Smart WiFi router
  • Internet Connection that should be active. If you don't have a modem then alternative is to directly connect a fiber optic cable to the Ethernet port of the computer.

Following are the Steps to setup the router using Smart Setup Wizard

  • Firstly, connect the antennas to the router as they are helpful in achieving the maximum coverage area a router can provide.
  • Plug in the router and wait till power LED turns solid green.
  • Connect Ethernet cable from your modem to the Internet port of the router.
  • Connect to the wireless network. You should have a good signal strength while setting up the router or during the setup process. Otherwise to have proper range during the process bring your wireless computer in the same room where the router is placed. To know about the wireless documents, see at the bottom of the router or you can see it on Quick Start Guide.
  • Open a web browser such as Google chrome and type linksyssmartwifi.com in the address bar of the browser located at the top of the browser and press enter key.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions by putting a tick in the checkbox and click next to continue.
    To install the updates of the router automatically, tick the checkbox. If you want to do when you want then leave it unchecked and click on next button to continue the setup process.
  • Enter the SSID (Network Name) and Password in the respective fields and click on next button to proceed.
  • Create a password for your router so that no one will be able to access it without your permission. And then click o next button.
  • A message will be displayed that says your is set up. This means that you have successfully setup your router. In case of any query visit our website linksyssmartwifisetup.com. To configure the settings you have to make an account on linksyssmartwifi.com. Click next to finish the setup process.
  • If you have an account before then you will have to link it to your new router to configure the settings.
  • You have now successfully set up your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using the Smart Setup Wizard.

What you can do after having an account at linksyssmartwifi.com

  • You can have control over several websites. This feature is known as parental control feature. You can add several sites that you do not want to be accessed by your children. You just need a web browser, type this IP address and login name and password as admin.
  • You can check how much devices are connected to your network.
  • You can also check the IP address of each of the devices connected to your network.
  • You can add or block mac addresses.
  • To provide sufficient bandwidth to the devices connected to your network, you can add devices or mac address.
  • You can create the separate WiFi network and passwords for up to 50 guests.
  • You can give more speed to the particular device on which you want more speed than others.


You can try linksyssmartwifi.com in following cases :
Router not found ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Router is not set up ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Account suspended ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Unexpected error 2123( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Error 2118( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Error 2178( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Update router firmware ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
Update router firmware ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To update Wireless SSID( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To update parental Control Settings ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To update DMZ Firewall settings ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To update dynamic QOS( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To update ip address( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To assign static ip address ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
For port forwarding/triggering( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local
To block device access( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To add mac address of device( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local
To update wireless passphrase
To adjust MTU settings ( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )
To reduce wireless interference.( linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local )